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Captive (Ancestors Saga, Book 2.5) | Paperback

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The Ancestors Saga, Book 2.5

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10,700+ 5-Star Reviews

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"An absolutely fantastic journey"


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The Ancestors Saga

Journey back 40,000 years into humanity's dark and forgotten past...

Exciting and compelling, The Ancestors Saga takes place as the word is teetering on the brink of another glacial winter, and homo sapiens are not the only human species to walk the Earth.

When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for survivors will be Earth itself.

The Ancestors Saga is a fantasy fiction series, a thrilling combination of history, mythology, fantasy, and adventure, retelling a lost chapter in the evolution of humankind.

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"Holds your attention throughout"


Reader Reviews

Reader Review

Great Story

"Can't put this series down. I was hooked from the first book. Fantasy fiction romance drama and a great story line."

Reader Review

Interesting Concept

"A different but very cool approach adds to the anticipation of the next book."

Reader Review

An Absolutely Fantastic Journey

"Beautifully written, exciting, tense, thrilling and emotionally raw."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Reader Review

This book gave you insight into book 2 on Juaan Jr. Will anyone get any happiness or will the sacrifices be for nothing?

Reader Review

Did think it repeated a little too much of Daughter of Ninmah, but, on saying that, it was very nice to get a different point of view and I think it helps to understand Khalvir’s side of the story.At first I thought I was going to be disappointed, but I wasn’t 😊 and it just wet my appetite for more from the Ancestors series

Reader Review

Kept me up can't wait to start the next one thank you Lori Holmes for keeping me glued to the pages

Reader Review

While I enjoyed this tale the author repeated too much of the narrative albeit from different points of view. Still interesting.

Reader Review

Good read...i will the sequel when it is available...very enjoyable

Reader Review
Holds your attention throughout.

Am on the 2nd book of the series. My husband has read all at top speed, enjoying them completely.If you read the Earth Children series by Jean Auel, you will enjoy this series also.Fun read even if it does contain considerable brutality.

Reader Review

Everything was 👍

Reader Review
Best Series I’ve read in years!

I love the characters in this story especially Nyri. They are all believable with very strong personalities. The writer takes her time developing the characters, but not in a slow boring way. I literally could not put down the books. I stayed up all night reading the third in the series and I have COVID-19. The story is filled with twists and turns of adventure and emotion. I’m looking forward to the next book to be out. In fact I don’t know what I will do with myself while I’m waiting.

Reader Review
I. Am. Hooked!!!

The world this author introduces us too is both familiar, and yet, absolutely, magically differs from what my mind would have imagined. All without being overly fanciful. It's feasible, and tangible enough to believe it could have been true. The storyline, (while sometimes heart breaking), rings true without over-exaggerated brutality, or blind, love-addled romanticism to garner a broader audience. The characters are vibrant; fulfilling in their depth, without the cloying feeling of whininess I find authors often attributing to character's thought patterns. Their woes are true woes, their happiness hard-earned, and all the sweeter for their struggles. Both internal, and external. Many thanks to the author for this shining gem amongst identically shaped rocks. And congratulations on her two new bundles of joy. If you have a Facebook and you haven't liked this author's page yet, go show her some love. I sound biased, but I am positively -astounded- at the paltry 100-something likes, given the quality of her offerings.

Reader Review
Great story

Can't put this series down. I was hooked from the first book. Fantasy fiction romance drama and a great story line.