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Daughter of Ninmah (Ancestors Saga, Book 2) | eBook

Escape into the page-turning historical fantasy series enjoyed by over 200,000 readers.

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Living deep within the mysterious southern forests, the spiritual Ninkuraaja people are being hunted to the brink of extinction by bloodthirsty raiders known only as Woves.

Nobody knows better than a Ninkuraa that a Wove deserves only death.

But when a twist of fate places the life of an injured Wove into young Nyriaana’s hands, she is horrified to discover that the destiny of this most hated enemy is irrevocably tied to hers.

As their burgeoning relationship threatens to tear her whole life apart, Nyriaana comes to realise that she must face a terrible choice: sacrifice the Wove or betray the lives of her own dying people.

Will Nyriaana find the strength she needs to save her tribe? Or will her love for the Wove ultimately doom them all?

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The Ancestors Saga, Book 2


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The Ancestors Saga

Journey back 40,000 years into humanity's dark and forgotten past...

Exciting and compelling, The Ancestors Saga takes place as the word is teetering on the brink of another glacial winter, and homo sapiens are not the only human species to walk the Earth.

When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for survivors will be Earth itself.

The Ancestors Saga is a fantasy fiction series, a thrilling combination of history, mythology, fantasy, and adventure, retelling a lost chapter in the evolution of humankind.

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"Series keeps getting better"


Reader Reviews

Reader Review

Great Read

"These books are fascinating and different. I would recommend them to anyone who likes fantasy.Read them and enjoy as i did."

Reader Review

Quite The Page Turner

"I love these kind of stories. The imagination seems to run wild and there's absolutely no second guessing on what the following pages hold. Great story. Beautifully written."

Reader Review

Fantastic Story

"This series is hard to put down. It's full of action and drama and charter build. Would love to see this story as a mini series for TV."

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My first love will always be fantasy and science fiction, though I love any story well told.

I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire, in the UK, with my husband Matt, our three children, Jacob, Caleb and Jonathan, and our two whippets, Freya & Loki (yes, it's a very busy house!).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
John Oliver
Great read for those who like heroic fantasy.

This story, as all of your stories that I have read, entertained from the first page till the last. I hope that there will be more forthcoming in the future.


Weaving the threads of characteristics of the human race that have survived through the ages to form a tapestry fitting the complexity that we all are is no simple task. These stories evoke ideas of what if this particular bloodline was eliminated without passing on healing, and what dormant abilities lie in each of us waiting to be awakened... makes me excited to see what will be revealed next.

Reader Review
As Good as Book 1

Thrilling continuation of the series. A fast-paced drama with very human and imperfect characters. I can't wait to continue the story...

Reader Review
Fantastic story

This series is hard to put down. It's full of action and drama and charter build. Would love to see this story as a mini series for tv.

Reader Review
Magic and Prehistoric Men

Clan of the Cave bear meets Tolkien. Fantastic read, great characters, and a unique concept. I read five and six a books a week and highly recommend these.

Reader Review
I’m addicted!

Such a good series! Love the different cultures and the way that the story has woven into a understanding of the differences…

Reader Review
A riveting tale.

I sends that since this book is starting somewhere after the very beginning of time, that the ice age is coming upon the people. At least that is my guess after reading this book. I look forward to the next issue. There are few mistakes as far as wording goes. It seems no one has a dependable editor. This only had a few, some books are full of mistakes.

Reader Review
Great Story!!

If you like Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear series you will love this series. The characters and story line draw you in and make you feel what they are going through on an emotional level. The book was hard to put down and I had to get the next one ready to read before I finished this one. Really an enjoyable read.

Reader Review
Read one and you will want the whole series

I enjoyed every book, beginning to end.

Reader Review
Nyriana reconnects with Juann with alarming consequences.

Despite her attempts to bring Juann back from his life with the “Woves”, Nyriana ends up a captive and estranged from her own people. Looking forward to the next episode in the saga.