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The Last Kamaali (Ancestors Saga, Book 4) | Paperback

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Courage. Truth. Sacrifice.

Nyriaana and Juaan are no longer protected by the might of the Hunting Bear Clan. Alone and on the run, they need to choose their allies and enemies wisely if they are to evade the vengeful clutches of their former chief, Eldrax. But with nowhere to hide, can they truly run forever?

Tormented by visions of the fabled Last Kamaali, Nyriaana must now decide if she is ready to sacrifice everything in order to fulfil her ultimate destiny. In doing so, she may not only lose those she loves most, but unwittingly awaken ancient powers that will jeopardise the very existence of humanity.

In this final chapter of The Ancestors Saga, all races of men must decide once and for all what it truly means to be human.

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The Ancestors Saga, Book 4

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10,700+ 5-Star Reviews

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The Ancestors Saga

Journey back 40,000 years into humanity's dark and forgotten past...

Exciting and compelling, The Ancestors Saga takes place as the word is teetering on the brink of another glacial winter, and homo sapiens are not the only human species to walk the Earth.

When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for survivors will be Earth itself.

The Ancestors Saga is a fantasy fiction series, a thrilling combination of history, mythology, fantasy, and adventure, retelling a lost chapter in the evolution of humankind.

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"Very good book from an excellent author"


Reader Reviews

Reader Review

Loved The Story

"Full of action, definitely a great read and so heartfelt. Really enjoyed the full series."

Reader Review


"Have read the whole series. Each one as good as the last and each will keep you on edge wanting more. Your last thought will be could this have been real."

Reader Review

Some Serious Book Hangover

"This series is exciting at every turn. My heart is still reeling from the finale of book 4; although every one of the books were equally compelling."

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Inheriting my love of books from my mom, I've been an avid reader from a young age. As such, I had a very misspent youth, often devouring fifty books per year! (No time for partying when there are books to be read!).

My first love will always be fantasy and science fiction, though I love any story well told.

I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire, in the UK, with my husband Matt, our three children, Jacob, Caleb and Jonathan, and our two whippets, Freya & Loki (yes, it's a very busy house!).

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Customer Reviews

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Reader Review

I cried I cheered I cried some more. This series was the best! Lori Holmes was a new Author for me, now I will watch for additional books from her. Start with book one, you won't be disappointed. Nice to find a 5 Star author!

Reader Review
Utterly rewarding!

Oh, my heart bestills me! What an author. I read a lot and own thousands of books, but I don't think any have touched me as this story has. I would love to see this made into a quality movie. Thank you so much!

Reader Review
Awesome. Riveting

Great character development world and environment masterfully created. Love, hate, pain, sorrow, joy, emotional immersion, feel what the characters feel through their eye's

Reader Review
The Last Kamaali

What a world to get lost in and never want to returnWhat a world to get lost in and never want to return

Reader Review
Kept me on the edge of my seat!!!

This one was worth waiting for! It had a bit of everything in it! Including some much awaited love!! Not an ending I would have picked but it fits.

Reader Review
not my usual reading but so worth it

This series is not what I usually read but it came highly recommended and it did not disappoint. Jump to the past and discover a great story

Reader Review
I can’t believe it’s over

The character arcs are pristine and you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat as you join their journey and witness them grow. This book was absolutely worth waiting for

Reader Review
Exciting, captivating

I have enjoyed all of the Ancestors Sagas. They were thrilling, exciting and very well told. I will certainly look forward to future books by Lori Holmes.

Reader Review
A must read. I was held hostage from the first page.

I would recommend this book as well as the other books in this series. In order to understand the story you will need to read the stories in order. I started this series last year as a chance to read something different then my normal genre and was surprised how much I enjoyed each of them. This is the fourth book in this series and none of them left me as emotionally invested as this one.The Last Kamaali is the journey of an ancient civilization. The story takes you though the lives of several different races as they all experiences generations of ignorance and strife. It starts with a powerful enemies lust for power that is never satiated, born from generations of abuse. The blind ignorance to accept others differences. Not only the differences from your heritage but also DNA make up. Blindly following a deities' will even when it is obvious their teaching is not only hurting your people but preventing prosperity and growth. Refusal to change or forgive perceived misdeeds from those you are supposed to love and acceptance.I find the similarities to our real world issues a bit startling, however I love how the story plays out. The key characters learn hard lessons throughout the four novels that lead them to trust and build a family regardless of their race or background. That eventually in the end they turn to each other to prevent the annihilation of their civilizations against not only a known enemy, but also an unknown threat. The realization that the unknown thereat is more powerful then the known enemy makes it seem unbeatable.This story is a well written work of art. The story takes the readers on a journey that is not always a pleasant one but the growth and love that is found along the way is worth it. It was a roller coaster through the entire book. At several points in the story I wanted to scream, I was so frustrated at the injustice of it all. I wanted to cry for the pain and hurt the characters were going through. (I hate to admit this but I did at one point... cry, the pain of the character was so real.) I also felt love and happiness at the goodness and blessings that were bestowed on our beloved characters.Once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. I started this story after dinner and was so captivated by it that I didn't realize it was morning, not until I saw the light coming through my window as dawn approached.A Must Read! Highly Recommend!

Reader Review
The Last Kamaali

The series finale lived up to expectations and now I’m hoping the birth of a new series to continue the saga of the remaining ancestors. So many questions remain about what happens next.